What to do in Lisbon 2022?

Lisbon is moving fast, hence we should always keep this subject updated. Discover what to do in Lisbon 2022 in this article. Best advice is the 1st one!

8. Lisbon food – The most traditional Portuguese food.

do in lisbon 2020
Pasteis de nata – Do in Lisbon 2022

Portuguese cuisine is very peculiar, many people think they will get the same things as they serve in Spain or mediterranean food, but it’s not. Lisbon has not much to do with mediterranean food, its cuisine is rich in sea food, fresh vegetables, and spices from India and Brazil, when Portuguese ships traveled the world in 1500d.C. Lots of dishes with Bacalhau (codfish), pork, clams and cow meat are served in Lisbon.

7. Typical Portuguese drinks.

Porto wine - Do in Lisbon
Variety of Porto wine – Do in Lisbon 2022

When the subject is alcoholic beverages, Portugal is one step ahead. The mixing of unusual ingredients makes the Portuguese drinks very unique. Several different kinds of wine, spirits, liqueurs is what you’ll find in Lisbon.

6. Lisbon’s flea market – Feira da Ladra.

Feira da ladra - flea market lisbon
Feira da Ladra – Flea Market in Lisbon

The most popular Portuguese flea market is Feira da Ladra. it’s a street market where locals sell anything on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It attracts many tourists and local people because you may find things from centuries ago very cheap. There are stuff, like tiles for example, that can value a lot of money being sold by a bargain.

5. Watch free concerts in public squares.

Busking in Lisbon - Raphael Racor - Do in Lisbon 2020 - Arts
Raphael Racor – Performing in Lisbon 2022 – Do in Lisbon 2022

Lisbon has unlimited kinds of artists performing in public spaces. The city is very inviting for that. You’ll find always someone performing in places with beautiful landscapes like Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Miradouro das portas do sol, and many other central squares. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Lisbon for free. Buy a drink in nearby market and enjoy a free concert.

If you are an artist, you can also try to busk in Lisbon, it will provide you very nice videos and exposure to people worldwide. But first, you need to check the articles bellow:

Busking in Lisbon – The ultimate guide for artists 2022

Street perform in Lisbon is allowed in 2022?

4. Explore Portuguese history by Tiles in Lisbon – Do in Lisbon 2022.

Azulejos in Lisbon - Tiles in Lisbon
Museu do Azulejo – Tiles Museum Lisbon 2022

Tiles – Azulejos – are one of the oldest kind of Portuguese art, it’s an heritage of the Moors empire in the Iberian peninsula, this culture lasts in Lisbon until nowadays and you can see it in every building in Lisbon. Visit as well the Tiles Museum.

3. Visit the best markets in Lisbon.

timeout Market Lisbon 2020
Timeout market – Mercado da Ribeira – What to do in Lisbon 2022?

As a trending thing markets in Lisbon are offering a huge variety of food and drinks all in one place. Imagine a Hangar with lots of restaurants inside, this is how it is in Lisbon. Find a table, make yourself comfortable and try many different Portuguese food and drinks.

2. Night in Lisbon.

Copenhagen Lisbon club
Copenhagen night Club in Lisbon

If you are a party person, you finally got into the best part of this article: Where to party in Lisbon until late at night! As a true capital, Lisbon is home of huge European clubs. One of the biggest ones you should try is Lux Frágil, founded by Manuel Reis and John Malkovich, the famous US actor. Before 2am you can find endless pubs and discotheques in Bairro alto, Cais do Sodré and Pink street mainly. After 2am most of the bars are closed in Lisbon but the night is not over! It’s time to go to the Clubs! If you have a lot of energy to spend, you can even go to the after parties and stay until the next day. Don’t forget to go home!

1. You are in Love with Lisbon and you want to live here.

Lisbon view - Do in Lisbon 2020
Praça da Figueira – Do in Lisbon 2022 – The Best to do in Lisbon

It’s not unusual. Most of foreigners in Lisbon once were visitors. They fell in love with Lisbon and decided to move here. How do I live in Lisbon? You might be wondering. Don’t worry, there are answers for that, check this articles about the most trending jobs in Lisbon 2022 and try to find yourself here:

If you want to study in Lisbon, here are also a lot of helpful information for you to find the best university for you and how to get in:

For any other reason you can get in touch with us for advices, tours or to find a temporary apartment much cheaper than Airbnb or Bookings in the heart of Lisbon. Email us here or send at Doinlisbon@doinlisbon.com.

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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