To do in Lisbon 2020 – Top 10 things.

Amongst endless possibilities in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital – here are 10 Things to do in Lisbon 2020! The top of the top ones, recommended by locals, tourists and residents in Lisbon.

1. Spend a day walking in the central area.

Praça do comércio – Market Square do in Lisbon

Sounds obvious, but when you look at a Lisbon map it’s not easy to identify where is the centre of it. Take a look at the map of Lisbon bellow:

Central lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Things to do in Lisbon 2020 – Central Lisbon Map

All the area starting from the river and the southernmost part is the centre of Lisbon. Most of the touristic interests and night life are in the brighter area. There you will find these things to do in Lisbon 2020:

2. Find true traditional food.

Bacalhau a lagareiro codfish Do in Lisbon
Bacalhau a Lagareiro – Codfish with olive oil

As a capital of Portugal, Lisbon has many people from several countries, and you don’t want to be fooled and end up eating something that is not Portuguese. In the Lisbon menu you may find some of The most traditional dishes in Lisbon like those bellow:

  • Bacalhau dishes (codfish) like, “Bacalhau a brás”, “Bacalhau a lagareiro” (The best), “Bacalhau com natas”, and many others.
  • Bitoque – This is probably the most traditional dish, it’s steak, chips and egg, simple and amazing.
  • Porco a alentejana – This is from the region of Alentejo, a dish made of pork and clams, with a traditional Portuguese Sauce.

You might as well like to try some of the 9 typical Portuguese drinks.

3. Take a walk by the river Tagus.

River Tejo Do in Lisbon
Rio Tejo – Tagus River

The river Tagus is simply stunning. You might feel attracted by its blue colour and beauty. All the waterfront of the river is walkable and cyclable, so enjoy a walk specially during the sunset.

4. Visit Castelo de São Jorge and its neighbourhood.

Sao Jorge Castel Do in Lisbon
São Jorge Castle

The castle of São Jorge tell us the history of Portugal. Once inhabited by the Moors, the Castle was taken back by the King “Conquistador” – Afonso Henriques in the XI century. The neighbourhood is magic, usually with local musicians and local food. Take a break to eat and listen to good music at the restaurant Conqvistador.

5. Visit the commercial area Baixa Chiado.

Augusta Do in Lisbon
Baixa Chiado – Rua Augusta

A busy part of the city is Baixa Chiado, this is one of the best 10 things to do in Lisbon 2020 that you should consider. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, local arts and bars. Mind that Lisbon is quite hilly, don’t give up until you get there. A short cut is to get in to the metro station in the downtown and use the escalator to get in the high part, only locals do it.

6. Have a coffee with Fernando Pessoa.

Fernando pessoa statue cafe brasileira do in lisbon
Cafe Brasileira – Fernando Pessoa

One the of the Portugal’s greatest poets is Fernando Pessoa, influenced and contemporary of Aleister Crowley, as friends, they wrote an empire sat there at Café Brasileira, in Baixa Chiado. There’s a statue of him there where you can take a picture while having a mindful coffee.

7. Go to Cais do Sodré.

Cais do Sodre do in Lisbon
Cais do Sodre

Going to Cais do Sodré is another mandatory thing to do in Lisbon, it’s flat so you can repose after a lot of hiking, people walk there feeling the breeze of the river Tejo (Portuguese pronunciation). You can also find a cheap beer to make your walk more interesting.

8. Visit Praça do Comércio.

Praça do comércio 2020 – Do in Lisbon

The biggest square of the country is Praça do comércio. That means “Trading square”, where in the past all the goodies brought on the Portuguese ships were marketed there. Many horrible things happened there as well, such as public punishments, slave trade, etc.

9. If it’s summer, wear shorts and light clothes.

summer in lisbon do in lisbon
Lisbon’s summer

Seriously, during the summer in Lisbon temperatures can get really high. Don’t commit the mistake of wearing jeans all the time, mind that you will want to walk a lot. Make yourself comfortable to sit on the grass while getting tanned.

10. Night out in Bairro Alto.

Bairro alto night do in lisbon high neighbourhood night
Bairro alto – Night out in Lisbon

After a busy day in Lisbon, you might need some party. Bairro alto is definitely busiest place during the Lisbon night. During the day there’s not much going on, but if you want to find party, with locals and tourists this is the right neighbourhood to be in. There are plenty of live music inside the pubs, people drinking on the streets. Lisbon is easy to find company, get your drink, be nice with people and you will have the time of your life.

This are top rated things to do in Lisbon 2020. Enjoy the city, respect people, and mind that the world is fighting against pollution, so don’t pollute the city.

Have a nice time in Lisbon!


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