Portugal Digital Nomad Visa – How to apply?

A new Portuguese visa is on its way! Portugal Digital nomad visa will be available for first applications on October 30th of 2022.

Following the massive wave of Digital nomads in Portugal, the Portuguese government has decided to make it easier for travelers willing to live in Portugal without a lot of bureaucracy.

Digital nomad couple – Portugal Digital nomad visa

How to apply for Portugal Digital Nomad Visa?

Starting from the 30th of October 2022, every non-European citizen can apply for the new Portuguese visa for digital nomads, these are the requirements:

  • Proof of 2800โ‚ฌ income in the last 3 months at least – Generally a contract from a foreign company followed by bank account status;
  • To be an official resident in another country or a resident of the issuing country of your passport;
  • Valid passport;
  • Portuguese Digital Nomad visa form;
  • Clean criminal record;
  • Travel insurance or equivalent;
Any person with a 2800โ‚ฌ income can apply for Portugal Digital Nomad Visa.

What’s the duration of the Portugal Digital Nomad visa?

The duration of the new Portugal digital nomad visa is 1 year. After this period is necessary to apply for a residence visa, the most common visa for immigrants living in Portugal which has a duration of 2 years and it’s a step toward Portuguese naturalization, which has a 10 years duration.

The Portuguese Digital Nomad visa is different from D2 and D7 visas?

Yes. The new Portuguese digital nomad visa is not like the old ones D2 and D7. It’s a way simpler way to live legally in Portugal having an active or passive income from another country. For the D2 Portuguese visa, it’s mandatory to have a minimum amount to buy a property or start a business in Portugal, it’s a formal business visa. The D7 Visa applies to those who have a significant passive income coming from royalties, dividends, or retirement income.

Benefits of the Portuguese Digital Nomads Visa

  • 1 Year hassle-free visa;
  • Access to all countries in Europe Union without having to require another visa;
  • Tax-exempt;
  • Cheap cost of living compared with bigger European countries;
  • No need to integrate into Portuguese society or learn the Portuguese language;
  • Modern and friendly environment with digital nomads from many countries;
  • 2800 sun hours per year;
  • Lisbon is a very trendy capital;
  • Weed is legal in Portugal – Partially;

Accommodation for Digital nomads in Portugal

Lisbon and Porto are the biggest cities in Portugal. Lisbon has 504.000 permanent residents and Porto with 214.000. Both cities can offer numerous options for accommodation, such as Airbnb, Booking, and Idealista – A local platform to find properties for rent without a middleman.

In Portugal, these kinds of properties are called “Alojamento Local” and these properties have a due license to offer this kind of service. Take a look at this article if you plan to buy a property in Portugal.

How is a digital nomad life in Portugal?

Fantastic! Portugal is a country with 10 million Portuguese people and 28 million tourists per year, so most of the time, at least in Lisbon and other touristic cities like Porto there’s a lot of fun, great business environment, and amazing nightlife in Lisbon. Accordingly to InvestPorto data, in the second trimester of 2020, 10.800 new digital nomads arrived in Porto, in Lisbon this number is way bigger and the city was considered the number 1 city for digital nomads. The Digital nomads in Lisbon group on Facebook has 40.000 members.

Lisbon is the Crypto capital of Europe

It’s true. Lisbon is the crypto capital of Europe. One of the main reasons for that is that earnings from crypto in Portugal are exempt from VAT. Due to this regulation, Lisbon has been one of the hugest international crypto hubs in the world, hosting Web Summit since 2016 and many other web-related events.

Check The Lisbon Blockchain Month.

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Lisbon is the Crypto capital of Europe

How to apply for Portugal Digital Nomad Visa?

The first applications for Portugal Digital Nomad Visa will be available on October 30th, 2022. You can submit the form to your local embassy or via Portugal Public Services’ official website.


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