Lisbon Night – 10 places to party in Lisbon until late at night.

Lisbon is probably the most trending capital in Europe, but it seems that most of newbies in the city struggle to find places to drink and dance until late at night. Here are some popular venues in Lisbon Night.

10. Bairro alto – Where Lisbon night starts.

What to do in Lisbon night -  Do in Lisbon - bairro alto
Bairro alto – Do in Lisbon

The most popular neighbourhood to party in Lisbon until late at night is Bairro alto. Means in Portuguese “high neighbourhood”, because it is up in a hill, there you will find several kinds of bars and drinks. Live music, clubs, Irish pubs, electronic music, LGBT bars, people drinking on streets and lots of fun. Most of the places there closes at 2am, so after that, you might go to the next destination. Busier on weekends but most of the bars are open on busy days.

9. Cais do Sodré – Drinking on street is legal here.

Cais do Sodré - Rua Rosa - Party in Lisbon - do in Lisbon
Cais do Sodré – Party in Lisbon – do in Lisbon

In Lisbon, it’s normal to drink on the streets, the city is so beautiful and festive that many locals and tourists choose to buy beers on the street and drink until find something better to go. Cais do Sodré is one of the places where you can party in Lisbon until late, just 10 minutes walking from Bairro alto. Busier on weekends. Some clubs closes at 2 during the week.

8. Pink Street ou Rua Rosa – Club Street.

Rua rosa - Pink street - Do in Lisbon
Pink street – Rua rosa – Do in Lisbon

Part of the Cais do Sodré region, this street is one of the busiest streets in town. Decades and centuries ago it was a popular street of prostitution, nowadays is an actual pink street with many clubs, some has free entrance and some you should pay 10 euros to entry and consume some drinks. Most of the clubs closes at 5am. Most of the bars closes at 2am from Tuesday to Wednesday.

7. Alfama – A neighbourhood of possibilities.

Alfama - Night in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Tasca in Afama – Lisbon Night

Around 30 minutes walking from Cais do Sodré, the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon offers nice places to meet people and have some drinks. Charming, mysterious and surprising. Lisbon night starts around 11pm. Most of the bars in Alfama closes officially at 2am, but sometimes they close the doors and people inside can party until late. Visiting Alfama is mandatory while in Lisbon.

6. Music Box – Old school but fashion.

Music box - Clubs in Lisbon - Where to party until late in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Music Box – Nigh club in Lisbon

One of the most famous clubs in the Lisbon night is Music Box. Located at Pink Street, this venue offers live concerts and long parties until 7am from Thursday to Monday. Usually the entrance is around 10 Euros. Open Until 6am, except on Sundays.

5. Copenhagen – Small but busy.

Copenhagen - Night life in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Copenhagen club – What to do Lisbon night 2020 – Do in Lisbon

Also in Cais do Sodré region, Copenhagen is a small club but usually very crowded. People there are usually tourists so the fun is guaranteed no matter which day is that.

4. Alvalade – Far from the centre but Rock ‘n’Roll.

Popular Alvalade - Nightlife in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Popular Alvalade – Nightlife in Lisbon

If you want to listen to Rock and roll and be a stranger in the nest, you should try Alvalade neighbourhood. It’s a modern region a bit away from the centre but accessible via Metro. There you can find some rock pubs like Templários rock bar, Popular Alvalade and RCA Club.

3. Ministerium Club – Lisbon Night with old style.

Ministerium Club - Lisbon - Where to party in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Ministerium Club – Where to party until late in Lisbon – Do in Lisbon

Do you like electronic music? Ministerium is the perfect venue to party in Lisbon night until 10am without even noticing. Loud music, crazy ambience in a peculiar style. Located in a classical building at Praça do Comércio, in the centre of Lisbon, Ministerium is one of the top clubs in the Lisbon night life. Open only on Saturdays.

2. Incognito – Crazy and Local.

Incognito Club Lisbon - What to do in At night in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Incognito Club – Lisbon nightlife – Do in Lisbon 2020

Located at São Bento neighbourhood, Incognito is one of the most sought clubs by locals on Lisbon night. There are plenty of foreigners there as well but it’s still a true local club where Portuguese people party until 4am. Open from Wednesday to Saturday.

1. Lux Frágil – The superstar.

Lux Fragil - clubs in Lisbon - nightlife in lisbon
Lux Frágil – Clubs in Lisbon

Lux Frágil was founded in 1982 by Manuel Reis and John Malkovich (Yes! The USA actor). It is one of the fanciest clubs in the Lisbon night, the one that brings together every kind of people looking for fun. Music there is usually electronic, drinks are fancy, it’s not cheap, and people shine like stars, if you are looking for fancy after hours, Lux Frágil is the right venue for you. From Thursdays to Sundays, 24h.

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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