Lisbon Food – 10 of the most traditional Portuguese food in Lisbon.

When the subject is Lisbon food, our team is expert, definitely Portuguese food is one of the most peculiar in the whole Europe and probably one of the reasons you will fall in love with Lisbon.

Here we’re gonna list some main courses, starters, snacks and desserts to eat in Lisbon.

10. Pastel de Nata – The superstar Lisbon dessert.

Pastel de nata - Do in Lisbon
Pastel de nata – What to eat in Portugal – Do in Lisbon

Also well know as Pastel de Belém, pasteis de Nata are probably the most traditional Lisbon food, the original recipe was invented in Belém, thats why it’s also called Pastel de Belém. No advertising here but the best ones are made by Manteigaria, in Bairro alto. This is quite sweet, made by milk cream, it’s perfect as a simple dessert with coffee or Porto wine.

9. Bifana – Pop Street Lisbon food.

Lisbon food
Bifana – Typical food in Portugal – Do in Lisbon

The traditional Bifana is made of bread and pork meat cooked with olive oil. This is the kind of bar food that you will want so badly during a night out. During the whole month of June Portugal celebrates the Festa dos Santos, (Saint’s Party), night and day, all over the streets, you will probably have a lot of Lisbon food at this time of the year. Find a true old school one at Típica de Alfama.

8. Prego – Bifana’s rich cousin.

Lisbon food street - Prego - Do in Lisbon
Prego no pão – Portuguese snack

Prego is the rich cousin of Bifana. The difference is that Prego is made with cow meat instead of pork. Nowadays you find this one almost as a main course in many restaurants. Also a must talking about Lisbon Food.

7. Punheta de Bacalhau – The funniest name.

Lisbon food - Punheta de bacalhau
Punheta de Bacalhau – Lisbon food – Do in Lisbon

You will laugh about it. Punheta in a popular Portuguese means “wank” or “jerk off”. Don’t worry, there’s nothing related with this act at all. This name was given as a joke because it’s basically smashed raw codfish in a vinegar solution. It’s the Portuguese version of Ceviche. It’s goes very well as a starter with red wine from Douro region. Find a good one at Petisqueira Conqvistador.

6. Chouriço – The tasty street Lisbon food.

Chouriço assado - Lisbon food - do in Lisbon
Chouriço assado – Lisbon food – Do in Lisbon

This is one of the most popular Lisbon food, you will find Chouriços everywhere you go. It’s a kind of Iberian Sausage, some are made on a grill, some are fried and some are raw. You should order like this: “I would like a Tábua de frios com Chouriço, se faz favor”. Se faz favor means “Please”, never forget to say it. You may find a good one at the Lisbon Markets.

5. Bitoque – The traditional.

Bitoque – Food in Lisbon 2020 – do in Lisbon

It’s time to talk about main courses! Bitoque is a superstar in Portugal, it’s a god when talking about Local food. This is composed by cow meat, chips and egg above the meat, necessarily in this order. Some places you may find it with rice or salad, but the original Bitoque is just like that. Order a red wine.

4. Porco à Alentejana – The unexpected Portuguese countryside dish.

Porco a alentejana – Lisbon food – Do in Lisbon

Talking about gods, the famous Porco à Alentejana has its place in heaven. It’s a “mountain and sea” dish, it’s because it brings together pork meat and clams in just one recipe. It’s spicy and strong, a typical atribute of Alentejo’s dishes. You should order a nice bottle of red wine from Alentejo. At Stop do Bairro, the chef is using the same recipe for 40 years.

3. Polvo à Lagareiro – The exotic Portuguese dish.

Polvo à Lagareiro – Lisbon food – Do in Lisbon

Lisbon food is full of sea food, it’s located in front of the big Tagus river so a huge slice of Portuguese cuisine were based on sea food. This dish is made of Octopus, grilled potatoes, salad and Portuguese fine olive oil. It goes very well with white wine, rosé, or a soft red wine from Tejo or Lisboa region. Speciality of Restaurante Conqvistador.

2. Bacalhau à Bras – The usual Portuguese meal.

Bacalhau à Brás – Portuguese dish – Do in Lisbon

The famous Bacalhau is a fish typically from cold waters, they come from the northern Atlantic ocean, also called Codfish or Kabeljau in northern countries like Germany.

There’s history on it, the Portuguese culture was forged around Bacalhau, trading fishes with the nordics and middle europeans. This fish is part of the Portuguese ADN, and also written in some ID’s as a Last name.

This dish is made by shredded bacalhau, grated potato, eggs, and Olives. It’s delicious and fulfilling.

1. Bacalhau à Lagareiro – The king of Portuguese food.

Bacalhau à Lagareiro – Lisbon food – Do in Lisbon

The big boss of Portuguese food. There’s no need of more introductions to BACALHAU (dramatic uppercase). This dish is made out of the best part of Bacalhau, the Loin, and it’s a chunk! Served with cooked potatoes, spinach, garlic and a lot of fine Portuguese olive oil. The best one is served at Restaurante Conqvistador and A casa do Bacalhau.

These are the high top Lisbon food, the most traditional and must-eat in Portugal. You can always ask a recommendation of wine to the waiter, they are usually experts in wine.

MIND IT: Do never forget to tip a waiter, it is mandatory in Portugal, otherwise it means you hated everything and don’t respect the country. Suggestion: tip with 15% of your check.

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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