Irish pubs in Lisbon – The top 5

Sometimes you can even dare you are in Portugal when you go to the Irish pubs in Lisbon! There a couple of them spread in the city, most in the central region where the Lisbon nightlife is pumping, but here we’re gonna talk about our short and favourite list, where our team and friends usually go to have a nice time.

1. O’Gillins Irish Pub – The oldest of all Irish pubs in Lisbon.

O'gillins Irish pub - Irish pubs in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon 2020

The oldest of all Irish pubs in Lisbon, O’Gillins is also our favourite one, the place has its own vibe, it was founded in 1995, as a true Irish Pub, looks old, dirty and fun. The worst thing there is that people are allowed to smoke inside, if you are a smoker, you might enjoy thou. There is almost always live music and Karaoke night with live band.

Opening hours: 12pm – 2 am.

2. Cheers Irish Pub – The biggest Irish pub in Lisbon.

Cheers Irish pub - Irish pubs in Lisbon 2020

One of the biggest pubs in Lisbon, Cheers Irish Pub is located in Bairro Alto, at Rua da Atalaia, the busiest street in Bairro alto for night out. Amongst all Irish pubs in Lisbon, this is the only one that combines pub with discotheque, so there are two totally different ambiences, one noisy and crowded, the other, the classical Irish vibe just beside. Sometimes they charge 5€ or 10€ consumable. Cheers Irish Pub is one of the best places to party in Lisbon until late at night.

Opening hours: 7pm – 4am.

3. The Corner Irish Pub – A pint is always waiting for you.

The corner irish pub - Do in Lisbon 2020

Also located in Bairro alto, The Corner is another option of Irish pubs in Lisbon. You know, they’re all Irish pubs, so in this one you will find basically the same things, but in a different space! There are usually a duo playing pop rock there, very nice and danceable!

Opening hours: 5pm – 3am.

4. Hennessy’s Irish Pub – Ideal for a chilled out night.

Hennessy’s is located in Cais do Sodré, very close to O’Gillins and many other bars and discotheques. This one was founded in 1996 but in 2011 the ownership changed. The place is a 2 floors building, with a gallery above and lots of spots to stay private, it’s probably the best Irish pub to go in two people or small group of friends. There are live music as well, jam sessions, but it’s not so noisy as most of others Irish pubs in Lisbon.

Opening hours: 11am – 4am

5. Piccadilly Circus Irish Pub – Irish food and breakfast.

Piccadilly Circus Irish pub Lisbon - Lisbon Irish pubs - Do in Lisbon 2020

This one is not exactly in Lisbon, not so central, but it’s Lisbon area. Located in Estoril, the Piccadilly Circus Irish pub has a different mood than the others. While everyone is looking for heavy fun in central Lisbon, this one is more chilled out, in a beach region, closing at 1am. So if you’re looking for a Sunday roast, or more variety of beers and you are not in central Lisbon, this one maybe another option, even for breakfast.

Opening hours: 9am – 1am.

Amongst all the things to do in Lisbon, Irish pubs became popular in this city, there you’ll find locals and people from all over the world. It’s an alternative to drink nice beers on tap. The price rate is always 4€ to 7€ for a pint. Guinness is usually 6€ in Lisbon.

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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