Weed In Lisbon: A quick guide about cannabis in Lisbon

Looking to enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon and wondering where to find weed? You’re not alone! Weed has become increasingly popular in Lisbon in recent years, and there are several options for those looking to indulge.

Is weed in Lisbon legal? Where to find weed in Lisbon?
The stereotype of the lazy stoner is a popular one, and for good reason. Marijuana has a reputation for making people drowsy and lethargic. But does weed really make you tired? Keep reading to learn more.

Bairro Alto

One option is to head to Bairro Alto, a trendy neighbourhood known for its bars and nightclubs. Here, you can often find street vendors selling weed, although this option can be risky and illegal and in many times, FAKE WEED. Beware!

CBD Stores

A safer option is to visit one of Lisbon’s cannabis clubs or CBD stores. These private clubs require a membership fee which is commonly hard for tourists to join, but they offer a safe and legal space to consume weed. If you want to stay 100% legal, go to a CBD store and don’t put yourself at risk.

Pubs and Bars

If you’re not interested in joining a club, there are also several pubs and bars that are known to be weed-friendly, as long as they have an external area, they usually offer a laid-back atmosphere and a selection of drinks and snacks.

Weed in Portugal is decriminalized

It’s important to note that while weed is decriminalized in Portugal, it is still technically illegal to buy or sell it. However, possession of small amounts for personal use is not punished, and the police generally turn a blind eye to those consuming it in private spaces.

Make friends

If you’re looking for the best weed in Lisbon, your best bet is to ask around at local bars and clubs. Many locals are happy to share their recommendations and tips, and you may even find a new friend or two in the process!

Find weed in nightclubs

In summary, if you’re looking to enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon and indulge in some weed, there are several options available. From street vendors in Bairro Alto to private cannabis clubs, there’s something for everyone. Just be sure to consume responsibly and stay safe.

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