Street musician plays in a Vogue wedding in Portugal

It’s not surprising that Portugal has a lot of talented artists and musicians all over Lisbon streets, but this time it got many eyes. The street musician Raphael Racor played in 2020 in a VOGUE wedding in Portugal!

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Just to be clear, it doesn’t mean that a musician who plays at a VOGUE’s wedding is better than someone else, art is art and that’s the matter, but the fact is that VOGUE has even made a huge article about Natalie Salmon’s wedding in Portugal.

Natalie Salmon is Digital Editor of Vogue Scandinavia and founder of The Modems and decided to have part of her wedding in Portugal in 2020.

Raphael Racor is a multi-task musician, youtuber, digital marketer and entrepreneur, he plays on streets, bars, and weddings, from the bottom to the top, he is kind of a “joker musician”, there is no bad weather for Racor.

How does a street musician in Lisbon gets into an article on

Well, the story is simple: A couple wants to marry in Portugal and need a bossa nova musician to play in their wedding in Portugal, they type on the internet and find Raphael Racor page on a platform called Book a Street Artist.

After agreeing on the details, the booking is done! And thats how it happened.

If you are looking for a musician to play in your wedding in Portugal, maybe you should consider booking Raphael Racor or other artists on Book a Street artist.

Here’s some pieces of advice from Racor, in case you are also a musician who wants to play in weddings:

How to play in a wedding in Portugal?

  1. Be responsible and committed with the event;
  2. Be prepared for anything that might go wrong, gears, traffic, payment;
  3. Listen to your client’s expectation and focus on it;
  4. Costs and profits, be honest and don’t be afraid of your own price;
  5. Study the venue location, Portugal has a lot of deserted regions and might get stuck in there or never arrive;

In Raphael Racor youtube channel you can find a lot of content useful for musicians in Portugal, unfortunately, his contents are still all in Portuguese, even though he speaks English most of the times in Portugal.

Wedding in Portugal are getting very trending, there’s a huge search for services during the months of summer, July, August and September, because of the perfect weather of Portugal and affordable prices, many brides make their weddings in this country.

If you are planning to make your wedding in Portugal, let us know at Do In Lisbon Instagram, maybe we can help you to connect with the right planners!


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