Tourism in Lisbon is allowed (May 2021)

You are probably wondering if you should travel to Lisbon during summer 2021 and if tourism in Lisbon is allowed at this point of the pandemic. After months on lockdown, Portugal has shown great measures to fight COVID19, even Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is mostly recovered. Here are some advices you should take seriously before traveling to Lisbon in 2021.

Tourism in Lisbon is allowed in 2021?

YES! Tourism in Lisbon is allowed already and you can enjoy your holidays in Lisbon. The evolution of the outbreak has been positive and the Portuguese government decided to keep going with it. Of course there are measures implemented to avoid new cases of corona virus and COVID19.

Here are the travel measures in Lisbon you need to know before your trip to Lisbon 2021;

  • Mandatory use of mask on the streets, beaches, shops, markets;
  • Prohibition of alcohol consumption in public spaces, except bars and restaurants;
  • Restaurants, pubs and shows closes at 10.30 PM;
  • Supermarkets closes at 9pm during week days and 7pm on weekends;
  • Alcohol sales are prohibited after 9pm in shops and 10.30pm in restaurants;
  • Maximum of 6 people on indoor tables and 10 on outdoor tables;
  • Keep safe distance of 2 meters from anybody;
  • Wash hands frequently;
  • All venues should have a “clean & safe” kit with alcohol, regular cleaning of tables and masks;
  • In certain councils different rules are applied, make sure you research before traveling;

If you are coming to or from Europe Union and Schengen space, rules can be changed at any time, for now a NEGATIVE PCR test for Sars-Cov-2, 72h prior to the flight, is mandatory in most of the countries, also in Portugal. If you are coming from a country outside Europe Union and Schenge Space you must comply a 14-day quarantine at home or in a place indicated by health authorities. Everyone in this case MUST register with SEF (Foreigners and borders services) before entering in Portugal.

For any other questions about traveling to Lisbon or traveling inside Europe Union, you must regularly check the news at

Tourists coming from France, Germany, Spain, or any other country in Europe Union and Schengen spaces are allowed to come to Lisbon without a 14-day quarantine period. Only a NEGATIVE RT-PCR test taken 72h prior to the flight is required.

What to do in Lisbon during the pandemic?

You might be wondering if traveling to Lisbon is worthy during the pandemic, right? “What to do in Lisbon during the summer 2021?”, “Bars are open in Lisbon?”, “Should I wait the pandemic to travel to Lisbon?” “Tourism in Lisbon is allowed for non-europeans?”

Of course you should make yourself these questions before traveling to Portugal. As we all know, leisure is fundamental for our mental health so your trip is guaranteed as long as you keep yourself safe following the measures to avoid COVID19.

10 Things to do in Lisbon during the pandemic (What is allowed in Lisbon):

The Portuguese airports had implemented new conducts in order to keep the staff and the passengers safer. A body temperature measurement system is implemented on the arrival. Passengers should also fulfil the a form containing questions from Health Authorities in Portugal. Check the Official Portuguese Airports Website.

Accommodation and Campings in Lisbon are working during the pandemic?

Yes, you can rent an Airbnb house, Hostel or even stay in a Camping in Lisbon. Tourist accommodation has been adopting the โ€œClean & Safeโ€ seal. There are no defined limitation for Airbnb’s or campings, you will have to check with the venue their own requirements.

You will surely enjoy Lisbon even with the new restrictions. Make sure you follow all the restrictions and keep yourself safe. If there’s any doubt check the official tourism website of Lisbon and make sure you comply with all the conditions.


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