Best Markets in Lisbon: The ultimate TOP 5

5. Time Out Market – Lisbon’s most popular market.

time out market Lisboa
Mercado da Ribeira

The Time Out market is always quoted as one of the best markets in Lisbon. Also called after its original name, Mercado da Ribeira, this 1882 covered market is very central – in front of Cais do Sodré station – and open until late – midnight, and 2AM during week-ends .

What will you find here?

3000 m2 of international and Portuguese food corners, few of them being local. Lines are usually huge and prices much higher than any other traditional Portuguese restaurant. Furthermore, you’ll probably fight for a room to eat together with other 500 people (that’s the maximum seated capacity).

Noise, expensive dishes and tourists: that’s basically what you’ll get! And Time Out itself describes it as “a huge attraction for visitors”…

Not really what I’d call a best thing to do in Lisbon.

4. Mercado de Campo de Ourique – One of the best Markets in Lisbon.

best markets in Lisbon Campo de Ourique mercado Lisboa 2020 trend
Mercado de Campo de Ourique

Here you will find the same concept of Time Out market: big tables in the middle where to seat and eat the food you just got from one of the numerous food corners around you.

However, because the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique is less touristic than Cais do Sodré, you’ll get a more local experience.

The 2020 trend is definitely to have everyone at one same table but each one with its own prefered cuisine, and this is something you can easily do in Lisbon!

3. Principe Real markets – Local and Organic in Lisbon

Lisbon outdoor Principe Real garden organic food craftmanship 2020 Portuguese design
Jardim do Principe Real

The calm and quiet garden of Principe Real gets often very crowdy! Every Saturday it holds an Organic Market where you’ll find some of the greatest fresh fruits and vegetables of Lisbon.

On the last Saturday and Monday of the month, there’s a big Market of Antiques and Craftmanship. You’ll get the chance to buy unique pieces of 2020 Portuguese design as well as more classical ones, 100% made in Portugal.

2. Feira da Ladra – Lisbon Flea Market

Lisbon Flea Market Lisboa Feira da Ladra for free real energy of Lisbon azulejos discount
Feira da Ladra flea market is THE true local Lisbon experience

Running every Tuesday and Saturday from 9AM to 6PM, this is definitely one of Lisbon best markets!

Vinyls, antiques, new and second hand clothes, azulejos (Portuguese tiles), ceramics, small and big objects, usefull and useless goods: few markets in Lisbon have it all, but count on the Feira da Ladra Flea Market to find WHATEVER you need -and don’t need!

The atmosphere is always full of joy and music. And you know what? It’s for free! Move around, enjoy the beauty of the place and the people all around it, start a conversation with a seller – they usually love to share ideas with foreigners – and you’ll feel the real energy of Lisbon.

If you want to negotiate prices, be aware: people working in markets in Lisbon are harsh business profiles! Go for it only with a lot of patience, kindness and respect. You might get a discount!

Discover all the things to do at Feira da Ladra in this article.

1. Praça da Figueira secret market – The best market in Lisbon!

Praça da Figueira – Best Lisbon market

While you will for sure pass by the Figueira square, in Baixa neighborhood, you will probably miss the small entrance of Lisbon’s most charming and hidden market: the Mercado da Figueira.

First created in 1755, right after the Great Lisbon earthquake, it is still running today offering very good quality products. Fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, wine and delicatessen: here’s a market in Lisbon where to find EVERYTHING for your next meal!

If you want to eat on site, the tiny cafeteria is here for you! Prices are normal (meaning not tourist adjusted) and everything they cook is good! They also serve fresh fruit juices, mmm.

You’ve just found the perfect place where to eat in Lisbon cheap and local!

If you’re looking for Bio markets in Lisbon and local food production, including bio wines, cosmetics and cloths, check the article bellow:

WHERE: praça da Figueira, 10-B

WHEN: everyday, but Sundays, from 8:30AM to 8PM

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!

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