Lisbon’s Flea Market “Feira da Ladra” Do in Lisbon

All the things to do in Lisbon depends if it’s summer or winter, Lisbon is a very seasonal city, but one thing that’s always running, no matter what, is the Lisbon’s flea market, locally saying: Feira da Ladra.

Flea Market “Feira da Ladra”.

Feira da ladra Flea market lisbon do in Lisbon
Lisbon’s Flea Market Feira da Ladra Do in Lisbon

Feira da Ladra” is a Local Flea Market that runs each Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting in the mornings, around 7am and goes until 6pm. There you can bargain for whatever you want.

Notice, “Ladra” in Portuguese means “Robber woman” so there you may find stolen devices and antiques from the 18th century or older.

LOCAL TIP: If you had something stolen while in Lisbon, you should go to Feira da Ladra early in the morning and try to find it.

Short footage of Feira Da Ladra, Lisbon’s Flea Market:

There you might find old tiles, local handcraft products, local paintings and many different kinds of art. Many local artists comes to the centre of Lisbon to sell their work at Feira da Ladra on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

LOCAL TIP: If you are hosted nearby the region of Feira da Ladra, always check your lockers twice before leaving the house. In this region home invasions are more than anywhere else.

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Have a break while shopping at Feira da Ladra for a lunch.

Do in Lisbon feira da Ladra Cafe
Have a Lunch at Feira da Ladra – Do in Lisbon

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes at Feira da Ladra, the menus includes Portuguese food and lots of Brazilian food as well, so if you’re hungry you should ask for a Feijoada which is a Brazilian food made of pork meat, dark beans, cabbage and other ingredients. It’s usually served with a Caipirinha, tradicional Brazilian drink made of sugar cane alcohol (Cachaça), Lime, sugar and ice.

If you like tiles, at Feira da Ladra you might find a piece of gold.

Many people are selling tiles there, it’s possible to find true old tiles and imitations, it’s hard to trust in everything people say about their tiles, although, there you can find some antique that might worth a lot of money for 1 euro.

Feira da Ladra azulejos tiles Do in Lisbon
Feira da Ladra – Flea Market – Tiles and Antiques.

Find some nice Leftover at Lisbon flea Market

Feira da Ladra Flea market Lisbon to do in Lisbon

At the end of the day many sellers leave part of their unsold products because many of them has no value, sometimes because they are full of things in their vans. You might find vinyl records, tapes, tableware, Kitchen tools, decoration pieces, and many other things.

The golden tip is: Whenever you need something for free in Lisbon and you don’t know exactly where to find, just go to Lisbon flea Market and try to find it.

If you are in a study exchange or spending a season in Lisbon and don’t want to waste money with furniture, go to Lisbon Flea Market Feira da Ladra and take what you need.

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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