LX Factory – What is it?

The LX Factory, located in Lisbon, Portugal, is a unique and vibrant cultural hub that has become one of the city’s most popular destinations. This former industrial complex has been transformed into a vibrant creative space, showcasing the best of Portugal’s contemporary art, music, and design.

With a focus on innovation and creativity, this open space and FREE is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Lisbon’s cultural scene.

LX Factory entrance 2023

What to do in LX Factory?


The most modern miniature town in Lisbon is home to a diverse range of cultural institutions, including galleries, libraries, studios and cultural centres.

Visitors can explore contemporary art exhibitions, attend concerts and performances, and take part in workshops and cultural events. The venue also serves as a hub for creative and innovative startups, providing a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Library inside LX Factory, best things to do in Lisbon
Ler devagar Library

Live concerts in Lisbon:

In addition to its cultural offerings, the Factory is also a hub for live music and concerts in Lisbon. With a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, the venue plays host to a wide range of musical styles, from rock and pop to jazz and classical. The venue is also home to several local music festivals and raves.

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Live music at LX Factory
Bordalo II Painting at LX, Lisbon, Portugal

Past events:

Over the years, the LX Factory has played host to a range of exciting events and exhibitions, including some of the most hypes in Lisbon, the Lisbon Blockchain Week, which had the first File Coin conference and many side events in the crypto scene in Lisbon, which is one of the most trending topics in Lisbon since 2020.

blockchain scene in Lisbon, LX fabric Lisbon blockchain month
Filecoin Lisbon 2022

Food and beverage:

At LXfactory you can expect to find a couple of trending restaurants in Lisbon with the most audacious cuisines. The whole village is full of innovative companies, entrepreneurs and artists.

Looking for Portuguese traditional food a little bolder? You might find it there.

Portuguese food lxfactory, restaurants in Lisbon, to do in Lisbon
Restaurant in the Factory LX

With its diverse range of cultural offerings, LX Factory is the perfect place to experience the city’s thriving creative scene.

Whether you’re interested in art, music, design, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, this is a venue that is sure to leave a lasting impression. AND IT’S FREE.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the LX Factory and discover all that this unique and vibrant cultural hub has to offer.

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