Lisbon Web3 Month 2022

It has arrived! The Lisbon Web3 month is from the 24th of October until November 7th, ending possibly with the Solana Breakpoint event and some other side events in Lisbon.

Lisbon has been classified as the “crypto capital of Europe” in the past 2 years, one of the main reasons for that is that Lisbon has been the house of WebSummit since 2016 when the event moved from Dublin to Lisbon.

The main events of Lisbon Web3 Month are:

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Lisbon itself has a very low acceptance into the crypto space, the population itself is quite non-tech-savvy and most of the websites or applications are very underdeveloped in comparison with cities like New York, Denver, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo, and other gigantic cities.

However, there’s a phenomenon happening in Lisbon due to the huge volume of crypto events going on here – Which might have been influenced by the high touristic rate in Lisbon which has been representing 3 times the volume of the local population in the past 3 years, numerally 28 million tourists per year approximately.

How did Lisbon Web3 Month start?

The Lisbon Web3 month started as Lisbon Blockchain Week, which was a self-promoted event that took place at LX Factory in 2020, and after that other events also wanted to take place in Lisbon, especially because of the nice weather in the winter and cheap prices when compared with other capitals.

The Lisbon Web3 community has been growing for the past few years, it started right before the pandemic and it seems to be growing more and more after the reopening for tourism.

Even though the crypto space and web3, in general, have been in a bear market, the events won’t stop and the new adopters of the Ethereum Ecosystem are growing fast.

Lisbon has been the house of many web3 companies that moved from Ukraine after the war and of many other digital nomads who have been flying from everywhere.

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Why Lisbon is Europe’s Crypto capital?

  • Earnings from crypto are exempt from VAT.
  • Great weather 95% of the time, not many rainy days, temperatures mostly around 15 celsius degrees, lowest from 0-1 to 5-6.
  • Affordable prices for most of the occidental world, the average price for dinner is 12€, beer pint for 4€, great wine bottles for 5€, accommodation in an apartment around 100€ per night – it’s even possible to rent an entire boat for 40€ per night.
  • Very international environment, therefore, foreigners don’t feel like outsiders and everyone can find their own community;
  • One of the European countries with more mixed ancestries;
  • Walk-sized city and great alternatives for transport – Electric bicycles, scooters, Ubers from 3€;
  • The local web environment has been underdeveloped for decades, so there’s a lot of work to do in Lisbon and in Portugal in general;
  • Moderate taxes compared with countries like Germany or the US (23% of IVA);

Where to stay in Lisbon during Lisbon Blockchain month?

As long as you stay in a central area, every neighborhood has easy access to the metro and other transport, however, some of the top neighborhoods close to the main events are:

  • Beato (by the river) – One of the most trending areas for tech companies, where the Hub Beato is being built;
  • Marvila (by the river) – Right before Beato, Marvila is another hot region in Lisbon;
  • Alcântara (by the river) – The neighborhood of LX Factory, where many events will happen;
  • Santos (by the river) – Very near to Alcântara;
  • Chiado (up the hill) – Very central tourist area, right in the middle of Lisbon;
  • Bairro Alto – (Way up the hill) – Central and bar area of Lisbon, a very noisy and crowded area with thousands of tourists. “Bairro Alto” means Up hill neighborhood.
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Where to stay in Lisbon – Lisbon blockchain month

Main tips to enjoy Lisbon Web3 Month

  • Lisbon is most of the time a very safe city with lots of fun, take a look at the nocturnal life in Lisbon;
  • If you’re in central Lisbon, move by electric bicycle or electric scooter, the traffic in Lisbon can get really messy;
  • Don’t pay for expensive transportation from the Airport to the center of Lisbon, learn how to go to the center of Lisbon from the Airport Humberto Delgado;
  • Don’t buy weed in the streets of Lisbon, it can be dangerous, instead, check how to buy weed in Lisbon;
  • Be careful with pickpockets in the public transportation and robbers in Lisbon;
  • Take a look at the best hotels and accommodations for travelers in Lisbon before renting a random property;
  • Don’t be late for dinner, most of the restaurants in Lisbon close around 10 pm;
  • The language in Portugal is Portuguese, assuming that people in Portugal speak Spanish can be offensive. In any case, English is very well accepted.
  • “Obrigado” is “Thank you” for Portuguese, “De nada” is “you are welcome” for Portuguese. “Por favor” is “Please” for Portuguese, and “Com licença” is “excuse me” for Portuguese.

How to Move in Lisbon?

Easy! Lisbon is mostly walk-sized, in 40 minutes of walking is possible to arrive at most of the places, even the Airport of Lisbon, which would take 1,5 hours from the city center.

Download the Bolt app here and get 50% OFF – it’s usually cheaper than uber and you can also ride electric scooters and bicycles for 0,10€ per minute, make sure you park them in a park zone indicated in the app.

Uber also has E-Bikes and scooters in Lisbon, car rides can be around 5€ to 10€ in central areas. Metro and buses are very useful as well, Move It is a must-have app if you’re gonna use public transport.

If you need any support for Lisbon Blockchain Week, please reach me out

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