The 5 best hotels in Lisbon and accommodations for travellers

Lisbon is a marvellous and welcoming city. So, you can’t ruin your trip by staying in bad accommodations. Here, you’ll find our suggestions for the best hotels in Lisbon!

The 5 best hotels in Lisbon and other accommodations

When visiting Lisbon, you’ll like to stay around Bairro Alto, Chiado, or Alfama. Those are great neighbourhoods with easy access to the downtown and Lisbon’s main tourist attractions.

Among them, our experts made a list ranging from the most welcoming Airbnb accommodations and the best-rated hotels. We used criteria such as amenities, localization, space, rooms, and decoration.

Scroll down and find your next stay in Lisbon!

1. Flora Chiado Apartments

Flora Chiado has an amazing set of apartments, perfect for families or couples. The amenities are well-tended and clean. If you’re looking for high-standard accommodation, but still want to feel cosy, this is your choice. It’s close to Bairro Alto and Lisboa’s Liberty Avenue. 

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2. Apartment at Lisboa Downtown for 4 people

Would you like to feel in a palace while you stay in Lisbon? So this Airbnb is the best match for you. This apartment stays in Alfama, with great transportation options and easy access to downtown. You’ll have a pool, washer, and dryer in the accommodation. Great for families or a group of friends.

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3. Duque’s Apartments

At Rua do Duque, you’ll find this cosy and welcoming set of apartments, all with a great view of one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon. Here, you’ll be in the heart of the city, with good options of transportation, and within walking distance of Bairro Alto. This option is great for young couples who’d love to immerse themselves in Lisbon.

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4. Luxurious executive flat in Lisbon

This modern and minimalist Airbnb is great for work trips, couples who would like to enjoy some intimacy during the trip, and families of up to 4 people. This apartment modernism contrasts with the historical neighbourhood at Rua das Farinhas. It’s within walking distance to the Castle of Saint Jorge

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5. Studios with Mezzanine at Rua da Moeda

Staying at this historical building at Rua da Moeda is a great option for young travellers. The accommodation is close to one of Lisbon’s most prestigious nightlife hotspots. They’re called “studios with a mezzanine” because the beds are in mezzanines, not in a separate room. The accommodation is within a short walk from many top-rated restaurants in Lisbon.

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