Don’t buy any weed in Lisbon before you read this

Although it’s not as widely spoken as Amsterdam policy on recreational drugs, Portugal is one of the most progressive European countries in that area. Weed in Lisbon and in Portugal is decriminalised since 2001, allowing its big scale production in recent years.

That said, you need to take a few precautions if you want to buy CBD-based products or even a joint in Lisbon. Portugal is not like Canada, where you can smoke weed in the streets (given the circumstances), but it’s much more liberal than the majority of EU countries.

Certainly, Lisbon needs to be on the map when the topic is cannabinoid tourism. So, in this post, we’ll go through the most important advice so you can buy weed or CBD-based products safely in Lisbon and in Portugal.

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3 bits of advice to buy weed in Lisbon

1. You can have weed in Lisbon with yourself – but not too much

Legally, in Portugal, there’s a limit of how much weed one can have with himself. Although you can’t be arrested for buying weed, holding it’s another case. You can have up to 5 grams of weed to have a “not considerable amount”.

As a tourist, the police in Portugal will probably turn a blind eye to you if you’re caught smoking weed. However, that may not be your case. Policemen have the right to apprehend the weed if they find it the right thing to do.

In Lisbon, you still need to buy weed from dealers rather than coffees or authorized shops. That means there’s still no quality control on the product. CBD-based products are another story, but to buy pure weed you need to be careful.

2. Beware of whom you’re buying from

Some dealers may sell you just portions of other weeds, just like oregano or thyme. If you’re not a seasoned user, you won’t know how to tell the difference until it’s too late.

3. Get recommendations from other tourists

If you’re a tourist in Lisbon, it’ll be very hard to find a good dealer. Your best option is to talk to people in your situation: other tourists. Talk to people in your hotel or people from your country you eventually found in Lisbon.

If you know anyone that travelled to Lisbon before you (and if you’re comfortable asking her or him how to buy marijuana in the city), go ahead and ask for recommendations. It’s the safest place to buy weed safely in Lisbon and in Portugal.

Stay clear of online forums, as they may have spammy and fake comments about weed dealers.

If you follow those pieces of advice, then you can surely avoid a bad trip in Lisbon!

Arhur Roder

Arthur Roder is a writer, marketer, digital nomad, and citizen of the world. Born in Rio, Brazil, he shares his love for Portugal and Lisbon by delivering the best tips to tourists and making sure they'll love this city as well!

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