Where to buy weed in Lisbon? Stay out of trouble

The first thing you need to know before you buy weed in Lisbon is: Smoking weed in Lisbon is decriminalized and you can carry up to 2,5g of flower with you or 5g of haxixe.

The second thing is that it is ILLEGAL to buy or sell it unless you have a medical prescription and an official THC vendor in the country, which is pretty rare.

Weed stores in Lisbon

In Portugal, mainly in Lisbon and Porto, you can find several weed stores, but they’re only allowed to sell CBD products of high-end quality, and if you don’t mind about the effect of THC, you should definitely go for a 100% legal weed.

How can I buy weed in Lisbon?

Find a nice venue, preferably not in the mainstream touristic neighbourhoods, or maybe around but not in the busiest bar in the region, make some friends, look for good people and ask them, you can easily find someone who is able to find decent THC weed in Lisbon, especially from local producers who are not involved with crime.

If you’re not keen on CBD products, you still can find weed in Lisbon from sellers, but you should know that IT IS ILLEGAL to buy weed in Lisbon with THC, however, these kinds of transactions are generally smooth and riskless for the ones who sporadically buy, especially if you are a tourist.

Don’t buy weed in Lisbon from sellers in the street.

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Drug dealers in Lisbon – Selling bay leaves

If you walk in central Lisbon you will hear a hundred times the horrendous phrase of a random dude: “weed, weed, hash, coke?”. It is really annoying and you should NEVER buy weed in Lisbon from these people on the streets. Learn more.

The first reason is that you are giving money to a very huge chain of criminals, they are not weed producers, usually, they are involved in other crimes like robbery, car theft, women’s harassment, and gang fighting.

The second reason, and most important: THEY WILL CHEAT YOU. Even though it’s possible to find some almost decent weed in Lisbon streets, most of the time, these people will sell you a piece of garbage, it can be oregano, a dirty resin in form of haxixe, and so on. Things that can even KILL you or cause you serious harm.

What happens if I get caught with weed in Portugal?

Probably nothing, as long as you are carrying only the allowed amount, to be honest, it’s very rare that the police will approach you just because they suspect that you carry weed.

There are 2 kinds of police in Portugal responsible for that: PSP and GNR. If you need any police support as a tourist, you should go to the PSP tourism department.

If you are carrying more than that, you definitely will be invited to go to the police station and justify yourself, also you will talk with specialists about the effects of these substances.

Cannabis is not criminalized in Portugal since 2001, however, it is punishable.

Why you should get CBD instead of THC?

If you want to have fun and walk in line, you should buy CBD instead of THC.

  • It’s 100% legal to buy and consume anywhere;
  • The products are all from good sources;
  • There’s a huge variety of CBD weed;
  • The experience of buying CBD is much better and you won’t feel like a criminal;
  • It’s cheaper than weed with THC;
  • You will increase the market revenue and soon the government will be interested in legalizing THC products;
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Cannabidiol in Lisbon

Guide to buy weed in Lisbon

If you insist… Here are some suggestions that might help you to find weed in Lisbon:

  • Find a nice bar or restaurant in Lisbon’s nightlife region with nice people working there;
  • Get a drink or something;
  • Tip them, get their trust;
  • Ask them politely if they know someone or somewhere you can get weed;
  • Once you agree on a price, don’t bargain, it will only get worse;
  • The prices may vary from 9โ‚ฌ to 15โ‚ฌ per gram;
  • Tip the person who helped you with 20โ‚ฌ or more, this person didn’t know you and trusted you;
  • Don’t keep asking them on socials, be discreet;

This article is not a recommendation for consuming illegal substances. The DoInLisbon team is not related to the cannabis market in any way. The only intention of this article is to avoid you to get scammed or cause harm to your health.


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