Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020

In order to reveal the most trending jobs in Lisbon our Do in Lisbon team collected information and insights around the whole Lisbon, not necessarily considering all business bureaucracies and visa legislations.

As a trending city, Lisbon during the last 10 years has received expats from all over Europe and world. The largest immigrations in Portugal come from, in order:

  • Brazil 85k
  • Cape Verde 35k
  • Ukraine 32k
  • Romania 30k
  • China 23k
  • United Kingdom 22k
  • Angola 16k
  • France 15k
  • Guinea-Bissau 15k
  • Italy 12k

10. Waiter

Terrace in central Lisbon

The salary is not the best, almost surely it is the minimum wage but it’s an easy way to pay your bills and make some extra money from tips if you just moved to Lisbon. Restaurants in Lisbon hire people every day, specially during the summer, most of them don’t require any previous formation or experience. Despite the money, it’s also a good way to have a job contract and apply for residence in Lisbon if you’re not European.

9. Bartender + Mixologist

Bartending and Mixology in Lisbon
Mixologist and bartender in Lisbon

Bartending is an easy way to make fast money from one day to another in case you are unemployed and need a job right now. But if you have some mixology skills or graduation, your chances to find a nice job in Lisbon are much higher. Hotels, bars and restaurants in Lisbon are the biggest market’s slice of the city, most of them need a special attention while developing their cocktails menu. If you have some savings (around 30 thousand euros), you could also open a bar and start your own business in the centre of Lisbon.

8. Hotel Management

trending jobs in Lisbon 2020 - Do In Lisbon
Lisbon Hotels – Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020

Several top rated hotels well known in the world are also in Lisbon, such as Sofitel, Ibis, Iberostar. Besides those worldwide hotels there are a lot of local hotels in need of international management, Hotel Le Consulat, Rossio Hotel, and Bairro alto Hotel are some exemples of Local hotels in Lisbon.

7. Language teacher

Trending jobs in Lisbon 2020 - Language Teacher
Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020 – Language teacher

There’s a crowd of people living in Lisbon who doesn’t speak a word in Portuguese, it’s not unusual that they struggle a lot during daily tasks. That’s why language teacher is one of the most trending jobs in Lisbon 2020. Having knowledge in Portuguese and English language in Portugal is a guaranteed job. Another option is to teach Portuguese teams to speak French, English or any other language.

6. Translation

Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020 - Do in Lisbon Translation
Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020 – Translation

If you are able to speak Portuguese and French you have high chances to translate content. In any other case, if your native language is not Portuguese you have high chances to work as a freelancer translator, from Portuguese to your mother tongue. French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Flemish and Swedish are some of the most required native speakers in Lisbon.

5. Driver app, Uber, Bolt and Kapten

Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020 - App Driver - TVDE Driver - Do in Lisbon
TVDE Driver – Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020

In Lisbon it’s called TVDE (transporte individual e remunerado de passageiros em veรญculos descaracterizados a partir de plataforma eletrรณnica) and it’s one of the most trending jobs in Lisbon 2020. This services are highly requested in Lisbon because of their price: comparing with other European capitals, it is way cheaper in Lisbon. Drivers can make around 2 to 5 salaries in Lisbon, without even owning a car. You can pay a percentage to a company who owns a fleet of vehicles and start to work by yourself. It’s mandatory to have a driver’s license legally recognized in Portugal and a TVDE’s driver training. You can do both in some driving schools in Portugal.

4. Arts

Raphael Racor Trending jobs in Lisbon 2020
Raphael Racor Trio – Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020 – Do in Lisbon – Photo: Orlando Celeiro

Arts market in Lisbon are rising fast, although many locals can’t afford to buy or pay for art, tourism once again is sponsoring this sector. As people travel to Lisbon to have fun and entertainment, huge part of the time they consume art and entertainment. Feira da Ladra is a good example of informal sellers. Some of the most trending jobs in Lisbon 2020 are:

  • Music professionals
  • Handcraft jewellery
  • Designers
  • Pottery
  • Photography street selling
  • Street painting

3. Real estate market

Real State Market in Lisbon - Trending Jobs in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon
Lisbon Real State Market – Trending Jobs in Lisbon 2020

Lately, Lisbon has been for sale. The population is struggling to pay their rentals because of the high speculation in this sector. If you have money to invest in Real estate market in Lisbon, you are surely going to make some money. Beside that, other professions started to rise, such as real estate consultant, local accommodation, check-in-check-out assistant, cleaners, etc.

2. Call Centres

Teleperformance Lisbon - Trending Jobs lisbon 2020 - do In Lisbon
Teleperformance in Lisbon – Trending jobs in Lisbon 2020

Among all the trending jobs in Lisbon, call centres have always been the easiest way to find a job in Lisbon, even if you don’t speak a word of Portuguese. Why’s that? Because Lisbon’s huge and numerous call centres work for all the biggest international companies of today that require hiring people who speaks different native languages.

1. Tourist Guide (Number 1 of the most trending jobs in Lisbon).

Trending jobs in Lisbon 2020 - Portas do sol - Do in Lisbon
Portas do sol – Trending Jobs Lisbon 2020 – Do in Lisbon

Lisbon population 2020 is 504,718 habitants residents in the city, but in the year of 2017 Lisbon received over 23 million tourists from all over the globe. It’s normal to visit Lisbon and notice that most of the people around you are not speaking Portuguese and don’t live here. Because of this high demand many companies and individuals are investing in the tourism sector, including tuk-tuk drivers company and souvenirs stores.


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