A weekend in Lisbon

Traveling on weekends may be a little bit more expensive than on busy days, for that you don’t wanna miss anything while spending a weekend in Lisbon. Here are a couple of suggestions to enjoy every minute in Lisbon, starting with a simple tour and ending in nightlife!

Go out for breakfast in Rua Augusta.

Rua Augusta - Do in Lisbon - Weekend in Lisbon
Rua Augusta – Do in Lisbon in summer time 2020

You actually could help yourself anywhere else, even in your BnB, but walking around Lisbon in the mornings is really pleasant, the colours of the city, the river, the air, everything feels so inviting, and Rua Augusta is a perfect place to get Lisbon atmosphere.

Visit São Jorge Castle.

Sao Jorge Castle - Do in Lisbon 2020- Weekend in Lisbon
São Jorge Castle – Do in Lisbon 2020

The most visited castle in the whole country is São Jorge’s Castle. Since it is the highest place in the city, the view you can get from there is really unique. The whole neighbourhood of the castle is also very attractive usually with some street musicians, restaurants and loads of tourists.

Lunch at Restaurant Conqvistador.

Lunch at Conqvistador Restaurant  - Do in Lisbon 2020 - Weekend in Lisbon
Restaurant Conqvistador – Do in Lisbon – Weekend in Lisbon

This is simply the best popular restaurant in Lisbon and surely the best in the castle block, there you’ll find nice food for a very good price, smiling people working, live music, indoor or outdoor. Many people visiting Lisbon returns to this place several times on dinner as well, where you can catch the nicest live concert for free in Lisbon, provided by Racor.

Visit Alfama and Mouraria.

Alfama from above – Lisbon 2020

These are the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, booth are very standard for Portugal, built by the moors before 1400D.c, both names refers to Arabic meanings. There you can find a guide or a ride on Tuk-tuk that can be very fun because of its hills, you’ll might find a lot of amazing street performers there.

Go for a pint on the other side of the river.

Cacilhas - Do in Lisbon 2020
View from Almada – Lisbon Christ

The south side of the city includes Almada, Cacilhas, Barreiro, etc, where you can see the Christ over the bridge 25 de Abril. The coolest way to cross the river is by taking the public boat (1,40€) to Cacilhas or other locations like Barreiro or Montijo. There you can find cheap pints of beer and see Lisbon from the other side, which can be even prettier.

Enjoy a stunning sunset around 7pm.

Sunset in Lisbon – 25th April Bridge

Anywhere in front of the Tagus River is a good spot to watch Lisbon’s stunning sunset, a magnificent scenario fulfilled by colour, warm light, and nice weather, when in summer. You can find a market to buy cheap wine or beer, remember that every wine in Portugal is good, there’s no need to spend thousands 🙂

Enjoy Lisbon Nightlife – Weekend in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto - Drinks in Portugal -
Bairro Alto Lisbon – Nightlife in Lisbon 2020

If you are spending a weekend in Lisbon you can not miss its nightlife. Full of people from all over Europe and other continents, you might find lots of interesting people to meet, people are very open in Lisbon and you certainly will have one of the best night outs in your life. Enjoy local food and typical Portuguese drinks! Beware with your drinks,

Top tip: Be careful with what you are drinking, don’t leave your glass away from you, don’t accept drinks of people you don’t know, be careful with your belongings, there may be many people to take advantage of you.

Sleep tight!

royal estate market lisbon 2020 - Do in Lisbon
Lisbon Sé – Do in Lisbon 2020

If you want to rest properly, avoid to stay in neighbourhoods like Bairro alto, Baixa Chiado or Cais do Sodré, these are the most crowded places where people go for drinking, Castle region is quiet, Marvila, Restauradores, Graça as well. The average price around is 80€ per night in a studio or small apartment. Hostels can be full of young people and it can get noisy specially during weekends so if you are not used to it, this is not an option for you.

Enjoy your weekend in Lisbon!

Weekend in Lisbon - Do in Lisbon 2020
Praça da Figueira – Weekend in Lisbon – Do in Lisbon 2020.

Repeat everything on the next days and you should be fine! Lisbon is a lovely city, one of the most attractive European capitals, REALLY FULL of tourists and foreign life, be cool with people and don’t forget to have fun!

Enjoy and respect Lisbon!


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