COVID19 in Lisbon, how about it?

Let’s start with one thing I am sure about you… you were about to enjoy your next vacations in Portugal but COVID19 ruined your plans. If it’s right, don’t worry, because COVID19 in Lisbon is the only thing that made possible to see Lisbon the way you are about to see.

COVID19 in Lisbon, empty lisbon, lisbon sky
Empty Sunny Lisbon during COVID19 pandemic

Portugal became sorte of a Disneyland itself lately, during the last decade to be accurate. Crisis after crisis, the government decided to invest huge amounts of money into tourism, which was the sector responsible for huge increase in Portugal GDP.

COVID19 in Lisbon was yet not too dangerous as it is in countries around, like France, UK, Spain and Germany, but still ruined uncountable business in Lisbon made for tourists, hence, a lot of lives.

Rua augusta lisbon empty, centre of lisbon empty, empty centre of lisbon, covid19 in lisbon
Rua Augusta without a bunch of tourists and fake experiences in COVID19 in Lisbon

Even though the numbers of deaths caused by COVID19 in Lisbon is still under control, the number of new homeless or indebted entrepreneurs are terrifying.

As a matter of a fact, when huge part of the country’s economy is based on tourism, well… it’s a house of cards ready to collapse.

Baixa chiado covid19, lisbon empty, lisbon without tourists, covid19 in lisbon
No one ever saw Rua do Carmo like this in the last 20 years. COVID19 in Lisbon did it.

Lisbon streets are empty, street artists in Lisbon are silent, probably sold their instruments to fix a meal. Bars are closed. Restaurants in Lisbon are off. What happened with that Lisbon once visited by that uncountable frenches, germans, brazilians, italians?

If you were about to come to Lisbon, you should know that the last thing you would see is the town itself. It was only possible to see trash, tourists, fake “portuguese” food, fake castle, fake architecture, fake “local” experiences, fake Lisbon drinks, fake everything.

Rossio, Lisbon pandemic, lockdown in lisbon, covid19 in lisbon, portugal pandemic
On the way to the Elevador de Santa Justa, look at all these empty AirBnb’s down there.

COVID19 in Lisbon was actually the only thing able to reaveal the city as it is. Until now, the Airbnb apartments in Lisbon are filled with real people who needed a home or empty and mouldy. True portuguese restaurants of Manuel and Maria are still working for takeaway and the Pasteis de Nata are still being made and consumed as a dessert and not as tourist experience, BIO and local markets in Lisbon are running as possible as well.

Elevador de santa justa, eiffel elevator lisbon, to do in lisbon, covid19 in lisbon, situation of covid in lisbon, empty lisbon
View from Elevador de Santa Justa, even with the worst tempest you wouldn’t see it like that

If you read it until here, let me know, what actually are you looking for when you choose a destination for your next vacation? Devastation? Impoverishment? Price inflation? Pollution? Do we need another airport in Lisbon to receive more of this? Take a minute to read about Montijo Airport, another disgusting machine of destruction!

empty lisbon, pandemic in lisbon, covid19 lisboa, covid19 in portugal, portugal lockdown, portugal pandemic
That’s Lisbon! It’s the first time you SEE it and maybe one of the last.

It seems that COVID19 in Lisbon wasn’t much that terrible villain but maybe a saviour, mass tourism kills people and cities, how odd, innit?

Welcome to Lisbon, this is the first time you actually SEE the city and probably the last.


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