Lisbon, the blockchain Capital of Europe

Lisbon, the blockchain Capital of Europe, is quickly becoming the most important city for Web3 communities. With its dynamic tech ecosystem, affordable cost of living, and the availability of new visas for entrepreneurs, Lisbon is attracting some of the most innovative and creative minds in the industry.

Lisbon as a hub for technology

The city has been a hub for technology innovation for many years, with a thriving startup scene and a rapidly growing tech community. Lisbon has recently been named one of the top startup cities in Europe, with a vibrant ecosystem of investors, accelerators, and incubators supporting entrepreneurs.

Lisbon tech Hub

The hugest blockchain events in Europe

In addition, Lisbon is home to a number of high-profile blockchain events, including the annual Websummit, Lisbon Blockchain Month, Protocol Labs Summit 2022, FIL LISBON, Solana BreakPoint, Polkadot Subzero, and ETH Lisbon. These events attract thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs worldwide, creating a vibrant and diverse community of innovators.

Solana Break Point

The Hub Criativo Beato and the ecosystem around it

Lisbon’s trendy regions, such as LX factory, Marvila, and Hub criativo Beato, are rapidly becoming hotspots for tech startups and blockchain companies. These neighbourhoods offer a vibrant cultural scene, affordable housing, and a sense of community that is difficult to find in other European cities.

Hub Criativo Beato

The Lisbon Crypto Hub

The Lisbon Crypto Hub is the first Web3 Hub in Lisbon, located in Beato, the project is in its first steps with a solid roadmap and a bright future ahead. Investors, sponsors and co-workers can already make their offers to guarantee a spot in the first crypto hub of Lisbon, launching in August 2023.

Members can expect a cutting-edge co-working space, outstanding community and content curation, the presence of big protocols, parties with like-minded people, a solar punk environment and a lot of digital art.

Lisbon Crypto Hub xyz

Portuguese visas for entrepreneurs

Moreover, Portugal has recently introduced new visas for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and even for people doing job research, making it easier than ever for startups to relocate to Lisbon. The digital nomad visa program is designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs, relocated teams and investors, offering a streamlined process for obtaining residency and access to the Portuguese market.

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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Affordable cost of Living

Lisbon also offers an affordable cost of living, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their businesses. Compared to other major European cities, Lisbon offers lower rent, cheaper food, and a lower cost of living in general, making it easier for entrepreneurs to focus on building their businesses.

As the blockchain industry continues to grow and evolve, Lisbon is poised to become a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With its vibrant tech ecosystem and affordable cost of living Lisbon is the perfect destination for blockchain entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their businesses.

Thriving tech ecosystem

Lisbon’s blockchain scene is flourishing, and the city is quickly becoming the most essential destination for Web3 communities in Europe. With a thriving tech ecosystem, affordable cost of living, and a range of high-profile blockchain events, Lisbon is the perfect destination for entrepreneurs looking to build and grow their businesses.

The future of the blockchain industry is bright in Lisbon, and we can’t wait to see what innovations and breakthroughs the city’s entrepreneurs will bring to the world.


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